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Dayrent Autorent offers both private and business customers, in addition to short-term rental, also full-service leasing, ie full-service rental.

Full service rental

It is an easier, more convenient and no-deposit alternative to leasing. The customer only needs to refuel and drive, everything else is arranged for him. Unlike regular leasing, there is no contract fee or down payment for a full-service lease!

Full-service rental is a time saver

The service provider purchases the tires, stores them, agrees on regular maintenance and, if necessary, repairs, technical inspections and tire change times.

Full service rental is a cost saving

Fixed rent for the whole period. External unexpected factors do not increase lease payments.

Full service rental is easy

All expenses on one consolidated account. Monthly related fuel, laundry, supplies bills all together.

Full service rental is convenient

If the customer has to sell the leased vehicle himself at the end of the leasing contract, then in the case of a full-service lease, the car must simply be returned or exchanged for a new one at the end of the lease period.

Full service rental is for sure

The customer is assisted by a 24-hour emergency service. In the event of a technical failure or accident, you will receive an equivalent replacement car.

Full service lease payments are an operating expense and are not recognized as a liability in the balance sheet.

Opportunity to choose a vehicle from our car fleet or order a completely new one that meets your wishes.

To receive an offer, write us your request at info@dayrent.ee or call +372 502 7355

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