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General terms of the lease agreement

I General provisions
1. The rental contract shall be valid from the time of conclusion until the return of the vehicle to the place and time of return specified in the contract in the absence of claims. In the case of claims, however, until the claims are resolved.

2. The length of the rental day is 24 hours. Money will not be refunded for use period.

3. Fuel is not included in the rental price. The vehicle is handed over to the lessee with a full tank and the lessee is obliged to return the vehicle with a full tank. If this is not done, the lessee is obliged to pay 1.5 times the market price for the missing fuel for each missing liter. Damage caused by incorrectly refueled fuel shall be compensated by the lessee.

4. This agreement enters into force upon signing and ends with the return of the vehicle in the absence of claims.

5. If the contract has not been physically signed, the contract shall enter into force immediately upon receipt of the rental invoice to the company’s account.

6. At the beginning of the rental period, the renter receives a clean, maintained, technically in very good condition car.

7. The lessee has the right to drive a car in the countries indicated in the rental agreement.

8. All our vehicles have a free car assistance package valid throughout Europe.

9. Fines received during the lease term are also recoverable retrospectively. Fines that were not notified to the landlord will later be collected twice.

10. TRANSFER OF A VEHICLE OVER THE BORDER OF THE REPUBLIC OF ESTONIA IS PROHIBITED WITHOUT THE WRITTEN PERMIT OF THE LESSOR! In case of violation of this prohibition, the Lessor has the right to demand a contractual penalty of 1000.- EUR from the Lessee.

11. Required deposit from 100.- EUR.

11. The lessor has the right to ask the lessee for a 20% non-refundable advance payment if the lessee wishes to book the vehicle longer in advance (at least 1 month). The advance payment will not be refunded in case of cancellation by the renter.

II Tenant ‘s rights

1. The lessee has the right to use the vehicle.

2. The lessee has the right to receive income from the use of the vehicle.

3. The lessee is entitled to compensation for damage caused to him by third parties.

4. The lessee has the right to use the vehicle only if he is at least 21 years old and has been driving a motor vehicle for at least two years. The same conditions apply to the other driver.

III Obligations of the Lessee

1.The lessee undertakes to make an advance payment for the rental period.

2. The lessee is obliged to inspect the vehicle before putting it into use and make sure that it is suitable and in good condition. The signature on the contract confirms the absence of claims.

3. The renter is obliged to use the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

4. The lessee is obliged to take care of the rental vehicle prudently and eliminate the deficiencies that have arisen in § 345 (1) of the LPA. 1 (to bear the cost).

5. The renter is obliged not to use the vehicle: for illegal activities or illegal purposes, as well as for towing, car racing, training, etc.

6. The lessee is obliged to use the vehicle only on roads that are roads within the meaning of the Roads Act.

7. The lessee is obliged not to give the vehicle to a third party for use, except to another driver identified in this Agreement, accompanied by himself.


9. The Renter or another driver is obliged to make sure of the technical condition of the vehicle before each trip and to monitor the technical condition during the trip. In the event of a technical fault, stop driving until the fault has been rectified.

10. The Lessee is obliged to refuel the vehicle only with high-quality motor fuel intended for the vehicle.

11. The Lessee is obliged to do everything possible to prevent the Lessor or third parties from causing damage.

12. Traffic accident, theft, vandalism, etc. in the event of an incident, the lessee is obliged to immediately notify the lessor of the incident. If it is a situation where the lessee has a legal obligation to notify the Rescue Board or the police, the lessee is obliged to do so.

13. The renter is obliged to return the vehicle to the prescribed place at the prescribed time. The vehicle must not be abandoned.

14. In the event of damage to the lessor or third parties or loss of documents or objects, the lessee and the other driver are required to provide the lessor with a written explanation of the event no later than after 24 hours. If there is no other way to provide a written explanation, it may exceptionally be submitted to the lessor by providing the explanation with a digital signature to the e-mail address provided in the contract.

IV Lessee’s liability

1. Damage caused by a traffic accident or illegal behavior of a third party shall be borne by the lessee to the extent not covered by the insurance (incl. Deductible 400 EUR).

2. The renter is fully responsible for all parts and accessories lost or replaced from the vehicle.

3. If the vehicle is damaged by the lessee himself or by third parties, the lessee shall bear the damage.

4. If the lessee or another driver has intentionally caused damage to the lessor or a third party by his act (act or omission), the lessee shall bear the damage in full.

5. The Lessee shall bear in full the damage caused by the Lessee or another driver while intoxicated.

6. If the lessee transfers the vehicle to a third party, the lessee shall fully bear the damage caused to the lessor or third parties.

7. The Lessee shall bear the damage caused by the theft of the vehicle in full if he does not return to the Lessor the vehicle keys and the alarm panel and the immobilizer and activator and the vehicle registration certificate and insurance policies.

8. If the vehicle returned to the lessor needs repair, the lessee shall pay the price of the rental day agreed in the contract for each repair day in addition to the repair cost.

9. Damages caused by poor quality fuel shall be borne by the lessee.

10. If the vehicle documents or keys are not returned or the vehicle with incomplete equipment is returned, the lessee shall pay the lessor a contractual penalty of 200 euros for each lost or missing document or object.

11. If the vehicle is returned with a tank that is not completely filled with the fuel provided for that vehicle, the lessee shall pay a refueling fee of 20 euros and the cost of the missing fuel.

12. Upon abandonment of the vehicle by the lessee, the lessee shall pay a contractual penalty to the lessor to the extent of the acquisition cost of the vehicle.

13. The lessee is responsible for the lessor in accordance with the principles of ownership and pays the fines imposed on the lessor.

Obligations of the lessor

1. The lessor undertakes to hand over the vehicle to the lessee at the agreed place and time specified in the contract.

2. The Lessor undertakes to perform the contract in good faith.

VI Lessor ‘s rights

1. The lessor has the right to demand a deposit to the extent of the deductible.

2. The lessor has the right to check the condition of the vehicle and ensure its maintenance.

3. The lessor shall determine the place, conditions and extent of repair of the vehicle, regardless of the location of the vehicle.

4. The lessor shall have the right to refuse the rental of the vehicle and to terminate the rental agreement if the lessee or another driver raises doubts or suspects that the vehicle is being used for malicious purposes or in breach of the operational requirements.

5. Damage caused by the breakdown of the vehicle and other damages (accident, traffic accident, cancellation or interruption of the trip, damage resulting from non-performance of work or other obligations between the lessee or another driver and a third party) shall not be borne by the lessor. These costs are borne by the lessee and are a rental risk.

6. The lessor has the right to install tracking devices on the vehicles to prevent theft.

7. If the lessor fails to notify the lessor of the occurrence of damage, the lessee shall pay three times the rental amount and shall bear the losses incurred by the lessor. Damage is compensated through a one-time payment.

8. This Agreement is consistent with the principles of reasonableness and good faith. I, the undersigned, certify that I have read the lease in its entirety, understood its content and meaning and agree to its terms.

Other provisions

1. By signing below, the lessee certifies that he has read the lease agreement in full, understood its content and meaning, and agrees to the terms of the agreement.

2. In matters not provided for in the contract, the parties shall be guided by the provisions of §§ 339 to 390 of the Law of Obligations Act.

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